Mission Statement

To be the industry leading designer and manufacturer of multi-mission, modular inspection systems and components for use in hazardous areas, confined spaces and underwater applications throughout the world.

What this means to our customers:

Industry Leading
Inuktun will be market leaders by consistently providing innovative, quality products to our customers.

Our innovative design team uses their expertise in designing standard camera and crawler system to customize existing products or create new products to meet customers’ specific needs.

Every phase of production meets Inuktun's high quality standards: from product development to delivery of finished goods.

Multi-Mission, Modular (IM3)
Inuktun’s systems are built on the principles of modular design. Customers can select from a range of standard Inuktun cameras, crawlers and controllers to create their own, off-the-shelf yet customized solutions.

Inspection Systems
Inuktun robotic systems bridge the gap between you and the physical world, helping you to see the unseen and safely go beyond your physical limitations.

In addition to providing complete, turnkey systems, Inuktun offers components to customers for use in their own applications.

Hazardous Areas
Inuktun products are robust and durable and are designed for use in hazardous areas allowing for clear images and movement of goods in areas where you cannot physically go.

Confined Spaces
Inuktun's range of products are a fit with where you need to go and can enter spaces and provide clear images in areas as small as 7/8in / 22mm in diameter.

Underwater Applications
All of Inuktun products are waterproof to a variety of depths. Some are capable of reaching depths of 1000 ft / 300m.

Throughout the World
Inuktun has an established team of sales and service representatives focused on providing solutions to customers throughout the world. With dedicated offices in Canada, the USA, Europe (Scotland), ASEAN (Singapore), and China, local support is only a phone call away.