Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your products?
Currently, Inuktun sells directly and through a network of Global Agents. Check online or give us a call toll-free at 877-468-5886 for a dealer near you.

Can the systems be used underwater?
All of Inuktun's systems are waterproof. Most systems are rated for operation to a depth of 100ft / 30m, but the Crystal Cam is rated to 1000ft / 300m, and the Spectrum 90 can be ordered with a 1000ft / 300m rating as well.

Can the tracks operate in sandy/silty conditions?
Both the Minitracs and the Microtracs will operate in sand or silt.  Even extreme conditions can be overcome by using some advanced techniques and features.  For example, if the sand is very loose and very fine, the systems may have traction problems that prevent movement. In many cases, this can be overcome by changing the chassis setup so the tracks are higher up the sides of the pipe. In addition, fine sand can get underneath the track belts. On the Minitracs, a specially designed spring loaded idler wheel allows the tracks to keep running for extended periods of time. The Microtracs, however, should be regularly cleaned of debris (a simple process of removing the belts and rinsing the track) during operations under those conditions.

What is the longest length of pipe that can be inspected in a single run?
The Versatrax 300 can inspect more than 6000ft of pipe in a single run.

What is the basic equipment needed for inspection?
A typical CCTV system consists of: Camera, Crawler, Controller, Monitor, Recorder Device, Cable, and Cable Reel.

What kind of camera is appropriate for inspection?
The camera should be appropriate for the size of the pipe and have adequate lighting to illuminate the pipe. For larger pipe, it would be practical to have a zoom camera to view suspect areas in more detail. In smaller pipe this is not necessary. More economical systems are possible if pan and tilt capabilities are not needed. In all cases, however, lighting is critical. A camera that does not have enough lighting will have difficulty displaying a clean image - as the camera struggles to compensate for low light conditions, the picture will develop a 'grainy' characteristic that reduces overall image quality.

How can I collect the information gathered during the inspection?
All Inuktun video systems output industry standard NTSC or PAL format video signals. This means you can use any off-the-shelf recording device, such as a VCR, Camcorder, DVD recorder or DVR available to record your inspection. In addition, our standard control systems include the capability to display other information (i.e. footage, pan and tilt position, time, date, and custom messages) on the video screen, making it easy to record all pertinent data at the same time.

Do you offer any maintenance services?
Inuktun offers maintenance and training packages for selected products. Click here for more information.