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The Versatrax 100 is a miniature crawler system capable of inspecting pipe and ducts as small as 4in / 10cm in diameter.  Just like the Versatrax 150, this crawler offers an in-line and parallel configuration for different pipe sizes.

The Versatrax 100 is extremely portable - the entire system fits into two Pelican cases (including the tether cable and hand reel).  Despite its compact size, this system has the power to penetrate up to 600ft / 180m of pipe and overcome obstacles and offset joints.

All Versatrax units are easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of pipe diameters.

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Pipe Diameter
min 4in / 10cm

Depth Rating
100ft / 30m

Tether Cable
600ft / 180m

Up to 32ft / 10m per minute
24lb / 10.8kg

Color, pan, tilt, color rear auxiliary

10.2in Monitor, Optional DVR

Sewer and storm drains

Air ducts

Steam headers
Tanks and pressure vessels

Oil & gas refineries and pipelines

Pulp and paper

Adjustable for a range of pipe diameters from 4in / 10cm to 24in / 61cm

Easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation

Waterproof to 100ft / 30m

Can penetrate up to 600ft / 183m
Steerable in the parallel configuration in 6in / 15cm and larger pipes

Magnetic option available for vertical operation

Portable weighing only 20lb / 9kg

Versatrax 100 - Client Testimonials

Graham Holloway
MSIS Contracts Manager
M S Industrial Services Ltd.
Aberdeen, UK

We have recently procured the Versatrax 150 and Versatrax 100 camera inspection systems from Inuktun. The inclusion of this specialist equipment in our fleet has proved to bring added value to the service we now offer our clients. We found our existing CCTV inspection systems to be limited in respect of achievable survey length and the systems only afforded us limited ability when faced with difficult applications.

The Versatrax 150 & Versatrax 100 systems give us the ability to handle steep inclines/declines in piping systems as well as an increased mobility within box culverts,tank bases,etc.
Over the few months since we have been in receipt of the systems we have successfully completed numerous inspection work scopes on deep-sea outfalls, desalination lines, and storm water Box culverts. All of these work scopes had previously proved to be problematic utilising our old tractor units but the Versatrax 150 and Versatrax 100 systems were easily able satisfy both our and our clients requirements.

In conclusion I would say that the Inuktun systems are without doubt the cutting edge in the CCTV inspection world. Our operators are delighted with the performance and reliability of these next generation Systems.
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