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The Versatrax 150 is a modular, long range (1,500ft / 450m) internal pipe inspection system capable of operation within a variety of pipe sizes. The in-line chassis system is designed for operation in pipe with a minimum internal diameter of 6in / 150mm up to 12in / 300mm.

In the parallel configuration, the crawler is steerable and can operate in 12in / 300mm and larger pipe. The standard Spectrum 90 camera provides a high quality video image with pan, tilt and zoom capability

All Versatrax units are configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of pipe diameters.

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min 6in / 150mm

Depth Rating
100ft / 30m

Tether Cable
500ft / 160m (up to 1500ft / 457m optional)

Multi Conductor, Abrasion Resistant Rilsan
Up to 30ft / 9m per minute

200lb / 92kg

Color, pan, tilt, zoom, color rear auxiliary

7in Monitor with built-in DVR

Sewer and storm drains

Hydroelectric pipe and infrastructure

Steam headers

Tanks and pressure vessels
Oil & gas refineries and pipelines

Pulp and paper


Waterproof to 100ft / 30m

Long range inspections up to 1500ft / 457m

Low maintenance

High resolution color camera option for 360° views and close-ups
Intuitive controls for ease of operation

Clutched tracks for easy retrieval

Steerable in parallel configuration

Versatrax 150 - Client Testimonials

Vista Engineering Technologies LLC
Kennewick, WA

In July of this year VISTA Engineering was contracted to perform a video inspection of a groundwater drainage pipe in Butte, MT. Butte, is a mining town with a rich American history spanning over a century. Over the past 100+ years the mines have produced many metals & ores; the most well-known is copper. The groundwater drain is a component of the reclamation phase of the past mining activity. The Butte, MT. mine is in the registry of the United States Environmental Protection Agency "Superfund" sites. The groundwater contains dissolved mining tailings which include a variety of chemicals & heavy metals. This 10-inch diameter, perforated drain pipe is located at the Southern portion of the town in a geographically down slope area so that the surface water - within a man-made riparian corridor - that percolates into groundwater can be intercepted and conveyed to a large concrete detention vault for settling & pre-treatment before being discharged into the nearby river.

Generally, a routine pipe inspection is performed by crawling into a manhole and inserting the Crawler, in its triangular configuration, into the opening of the pipe and then guiding the data cable as the Cam/Crawler moves along taking a video picture as it progresses. This project differed from the outset in that the only access was through 10-inch diameter clean-out set at a 45 degree angle, six to eight feet long from the surface of the ground. This required that we re-assemble the device into its linear configuration. This linear configuration required the removal of the two large lights and, of course had no "steering." The four remaining lights built into the camera head provided satisfactory illumination although there were occasions when we would have liked to have been able to flip those big flood lamps on.

Initially, we began the inspection of the pipe without the benefit of it being cleaned. So, we were looking at approximately two years of accumulated debris. This debris proved to be impassable in every insertion attempt. The only difference was how far were we able to "punch" or "burrow" through partially & sometimes completely occluded pipes before encountering complete refusal. This material ranged from a soft silty slime to a "peanut butter gew" mixed with small rocks. Often, we found ourselves operating the tracks in opposition to each other so as to grind a trench within which to travel.
John Chad, President
Underground Pipe Inspectors, Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta.

We at Underground Pipe Inspectors are very pleased to have purchased the Versatrax 150. This little workhorse is the backbone of our company. In the time we have had it in the field, we have found that we can adjust it to any situation, quickly and it runs through the line with ease. Even when the lines have not been completely cleaned, this unit runs over the debris with relative ease.

We appreciate your service policy immensely. In the few times we have needed a part repaired, Inuktun has been exemplary in arranging a loaner part until ours could be repaired. It is hard to find a company in this day and age willing to stand behind its product the way Inuktun does.

Graham Holloway
MSIS Contracts Manager
M S Industrial Services Ltd.
Aberdeen, UK

We have recently procured the Versatrax 150 and Versatrax 100 camera inspection systems from Inuktun. The inclusion of this specialist equipment in our fleet has proved to bring added value to the service we now offer our clients. We found our existing CCTV inspection systems to be limited in respect of achievable survey length and the systems only afforded us limited ability when faced with difficult applications.

The Versatrax 150 & Versatrax 100 systems give us the ability to handle steep inclines/declines in piping systems as well as an increased mobility within box culverts,tank bases,etc.

Over the few months since we have been in receipt of the systems we have successfully completed numerous inspection work scopes on deep-sea outfalls, desalination lines, and storm water Box culverts. All of these work scopes had previously proved to be problematic utilising our old tractor units but the Versatrax 150 and Versatrax 100 systems were easily able satisfy both our and our clients requirements.

In conclusion I would say that the Inuktun systems are without doubt the cutting edge in the CCTV inspection world. Our operators are delighted with the performance and reliability of these next generation Systems.

William F. Aichele, General Manager
Inshore Divers
Pittsburg, CA, USA

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased we are with the Versatrax unit we recently purchased. The unit arrived, was unpacked, tested, repackaged and sent out on a 60 day operation. It performed flawlessly and the job was successful. Again, thanks to Inuktun's reponse to our request and be assured that if I am ever asked for crawler ROV recommendations, your company’s name will be our first.
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