Right on Track - January 2011

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Product News | Pipelogix™ Software Integration

An increasing number of inspection service providers demand an integrated software reporting solution to accompany their surveys. In response, Inuktun has teamed up with Pipelogix™, an industry leader in high quality, modular, digital video survey software. Pipelogix’ complete line of pipe inspection software technology now seamlessly integrates with Inuktun’s line of Versatrax™ and Spectrum™ controller products.

Capable of capturing relevant vehicle & camera pitch, roll and encoder distance data, Pipelogix’ software systems has the power to easily sort, query and filter information from your onsite PC. Customers interested in purchasing Pipelogix products can visit their website or contact Joan Stone at joan.stone@pipelogix.com.

Pipelogix Software Interface

Customer Profile | Cam-Trac Inspection Services Ltd.

Since 1991, Cam-Trac Inspection Services Ltd. has been offering a wide range of video (CCTV) inspection, sewer pipe cleaning, and hydro-excavating services to numerous customers throughout Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. Recently we sat down with Marc Maurier, President of Cam-Trac, to discuss the entrepreneur’s very successful business and to learn a little more about the pipe inspection industry.

How did you first become interested in sewer inspection services?
I first became interested in sewer inspection in 1990 while working for my father's successful sewer cleaning business in the Edmonton, AB area. Seeing the gap in the marketplace, I decided to create Cam-Trac Inspection Services Ltd. to provide a more diverse range of services.

Who are the majority of your customers and in what industries?
Our base clientele is composed mainly of the municipal sector which includes cities, towns, municipalities, contractors, engineering and consulting firms. We also service clients in the pulp & paper industry and oil & gas sector, or whoever may require our expertise.

What kind of conditions do you work in?
Customers often come to us when they have remote inspection jobs that require portable inspection equipment. In particular, we specialize in providing services in very cold (-20 C), harsh, remote working environments. Whether driven in with our truck or flown in by commercial plane, its more than likely Inuktun’s equipment has been in the worst that mother-nature can throw at it.

What features do you look for when choosing a crawler and/or camera system?
On average, Cam-Trac’s Inuktun crawler systems crawl 60,000 meters per set of tracks per year. This quality and performance from our equipment is crucial to getting the job done; and essentially this allows Cam-Trac to have a customer base of over 1000, the majority of whom are repeat customers.

Why are CCTV pipe inspection systems critical to your business?
The CCTV portion of our company has allowed our clients to see the work in progress of our cleaning or the hard to see places. That takes away the guess work.

Why did you choose Inuktun cameras and crawlers?
When we have unique inspections that require modifications to the equipment, Inuktun has been able to work with Cam-Trac and the client to create a custom and cost effective solution. We purchased our first Inuktun system in 1992 and currently own the Versatrax 100™ and Versatrax 150™ crawlers, Crystal Cam®, Spectrum 45™, and Spectrum 90™ cameras; along with a few Push Cams.

Although many of the conditions we work in are not always favourable, whether it be the climate or the harsh pipe environment, one thing is certain when using Inuktun's equipment and Cam-Trac's expertise - the job will always get done.

How can people get in touch with you and learn more about Cam-Trac Pipe Inspection Services Ltd?
For more information on Cam-Trac Inspection and its services please visit our website at www.CamTrac.ca or email us at info@camtrac.ca .

"... whether it be the climate or the harsh pipe environment, one thing is certain when using Inuktun's equipment and Cam-Trac's expertise - the job will always get done. "
Marc Maurier, President / Cam-Trac Inspections Services Ltd. (08-Jan-2011)

Tech Tips | Safe Deployment of Your Crawler

This month’s tech tips focus is on deployment safety. While operation of your Versatrax™ crawler system is relatively straight-forward, we have had many inquiries about the correct way to deploy Inuktun crawler systems in the field.

1) Road Safety – With a large majority of pipe inspection work paralleling that of a road service crew, it is important to observe good traffic safety protocols when on busy streets and around moving vehicles.

2) Personal Safety – With some our systems weighing as much as 230lbs, personal safety to should always be paramount. Every member of the inspection team should wear standard personal safety equipment including: steel toed boots, safety vests, hard hats and gloves. Staff should follow heavy lifting procedures and overhead lifting protocols if crane deployment is used. In addition, Inuktun advises you to always follow your local work-safe legislation and guidelines.

3) System Safety – Inuktun advises that onsite crews have a minimum of three people; two crawler deployment handlers and one console operator. Crawler handlers should be responsible for configuring the vehicle for pipe, lowering the crawler into and out of entry points, watching the tether bend radius as the vehicle enters and exits pipe (observing for sufficient vertical and horizontal clearance behind winch for tether movement) and operating the winch. Console operators should be responsible for driving vehicle, watching the pipe inspection and assessing whether pipe is in condition for safe passage of vehicle.

Overall, establishing a good channel of communication between operator and deployment handlers avoids accidents and damage to personal and equipment.