Right on Track - April 2011

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Product News | Inuktun Rental Department

Inuktun Rental DepartmentDoes your upcoming inspection job need a crawler for only a short period of time? Have you been considering the purchase of a new pan-tilt-zoom camera, but need to try it out in the field first? Responding to overwhelming customer requests, Inuktun launches its Rental Department to help you get those big jobs done in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Offering all of our standard camera and crawlers, Inuktun Rental Division can supply you with the inspection tool you need to get the job done right. In addition, with Inuktun’s 'Try it before you buy it' program, a portion of the rental cost can be used towards the purchase of new system equipment*. Fill out our Rental Quotation Form for a free estimate and consultation.

*Some conditions apply. Contact our office for more details.

Customer Profile | Underground Pipe Inspectors Ltd.

Underground Pipe Inspectors LtdSince 2007, Underground Pipe Inspectors Ltd. (UPI) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been providing high quality trenchless pipeline inspection data in a safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner. Having both worked in the pipe inspection industry for several years prior, founders John Chad and Deborah Porath knew the strengths and vast opportunity of the pipe inspection business when they started the partnership.

Today, UPI serves a wide variety of customers across Western Canada ranging from small scale deep utility contractors to large townships and municipalities. We caught up with Deborah to discuss their business.

What service(s) does UPI specialize in?
UPI works mainly in CCTV inspection and cleaning of sanitary and storm sewer lines.

What features do you look for when choosing a crawler and/or camera system?
Toughness. Easy to maintain. Good service. Picture clarity – Inuktun has the best!

What kind of outdoor conditions do you work in?
We work in +80F / +27C as long as we are able to keep the Versatrax 150™ warm before it enters the manhole. The crawler is rugged, but we do know his limitations – he is more of a summer kind of guy! We find that having a heated trailer is essential to keeping the crawler in peak working condition when winter hits.

Underground Pipe Inspectors LtdHow demanding are these conditions on your equipment?
Extremely demanding. Our Chinook winds can go from -10 to +17 in less than 24 hours. Our camera unit does twice the amount of work, since the city demands that lines be deflection tested with mandrels, so when our unit gets to the end of a run his job is not finished, we must hook on the mandrel at the finish manhole and pull it all the way back through the line, videoing the deflection test as well as the initial CCTV inspection.

Why are CCTV pipe inspection systems critical to your business?
UPI is in the pipe inspection business. We don't work unless our Versatrax 150™ is working. It is critical that our equipment is reliable.

Why did you choose Inuktun cameras and crawlers?
We had worked with Inuktun equipment in our past business life and knew them to be extremely reliable and efficient. Plus, we have found that the service offered by Inuktun is second to none.

What do your customers say about the quality of video footage you provide?
Our end product and superior services far surpass our competitors here in Alberta. We offer high clarity colour video footage of all our inspection runs. We have competitors who offer barely visible low grade black and white footage, so needless to say we are far above that!

Underground Pipe Inspectors Ltd

How does your video footage help your customer?
Our customers require a very clear picture, especially when dealing with deep utility development. With Inuktun cameras, they don’t have to wonder whether we missed a defect, as the picture tells the story.

How can people get in touch with you and learn more about Underground Pipe Inspectors Ltd?
Ask for Deborah at 403.984.9077. Email info@undergroundpipe.ca or visit www.undergroundpipe.ca

"Toughness. Easy to maintain. Good service. Picture clarity – Inuktun has the best!"
-- Deborah Porath, Vice President / Underground Pipe Inspectors Ltd.

Tech Tips | Video Compensation Settings

Inuktun Tech Tips Video Compensation SettingsThis month we discuss video compensation, a useful feature that comes standard with all of our Spectrum™ and Versatrax™ controllers. Video compensation corrects for video signal loss over the tether by increasing the gain parameter and adding additional signal conditioning. Many service inquiries regarding video picture quality occur when the customer swaps between tethers or has altered their video compensation level. If the compensation is set too low you may have a blurry or washed-out picture; if set too high, the picture may appear jumbled and may flicker.

These picture concerns are easily rectified through a quick trouble shooting procedure. To access the video compensation feature, press all menu control buttons (Menu, Select / Home, Up, Down) to get into the Calibration menu. At this point, press home/select to cycle through the video compensation levels. No video compensation aka "none" is best used for very short tether lengths (less than100ft). "Low" video compensation is best used between 100' & 300'of tether. "Medium" video compensation varies between 300' & 1000'. Finally, the "High" video compensation setting is best used for tether lengths greater than 1000'.

NOTE: If the video compensation setting you selected blanks out on your video overlay, power down the system, disconnect the tether from the controller, re-power up your system and reset your video compensation to a lower level.

We’re asking for your best tech tips. Email service@inuktun.com and we’ll mention you in our next newsletter.

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