Right on Track - May 2013

Welcome to 'Right On Track' Issue 6, Inuktun’s email newsletter. It is designed to give you a snapshot of product improvements, customer profiles and useful technical tips for your Inuktun gear. In this chapter you will:
  • Discover the new Spectrum 90™ with Laser Measurement
  • Be introduced to Fermilab and their Inuktun Grout Removal Robot
  • Get acquainted with the power of the Inuktun DVR

Product News | Spectrum 90™ with Laser Measurement

The Spectrum 90™ with pan, tilt and zoom is one of the most popular Inuktun cameras on the market. With a 40x zoom, 1/4in CCD color camera, the SP90™ provides 460+ TV lines of resolution at 1.5lux sensitivity. At a diameter of only 3.5in / 90mm, the Spectrum 90™ can go almost anywhere you need to see. The camera is offered in both aluminum and stainless steel, with a depth rating of either 100ft / 30m or 1000ft / 300m.

Spectrum 90™ with Laser Measurement
Spectrum 90™ with Laser Measurement
Spectrum 90™ with Laser Measurement

Despite its existing popularity, Inuktun has upgraded the Spectrum 90™ again. The current model’s four LEDs have been replaced with three, each of which produces 50% more light than the previous LEDs, increasing total light output while providing room to install two laser lines that can be turned on and off from the controller. At a fixed separation of approximately 30 mm, the laser lines allow the user to determine the size of objects or defects quickly and easily.

This upgrade reflects Inuktun’s commitment to ongoing improvements in functionality – and remember, you can rent the Spectrum 90™ to test it in your application.

Customer Profile | Fermilab

What would you do when your neutrino-muon beamline is blocked by a heap of misplaced cement? The solution for the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory was anything but low tech. They called in a robot named “IGoRR”.

Fermilab 15 Inch Pipeline Entry Point
IGoRR -- Modified Versatrax 150™ with Water Cannon
IGoRR -- Modified Versatrax 150™ with Water Cannon

Fermilab, an organization that busies itself with questions about the nature of the universe, found themselves with a more down to earth problem after a recent repair went sideways on them. The 15 inch pipeline they use for their neutrino-muon research was blocked by a layer of hardened grout that filled half the diameter of the pipe. After proving that a 20,000psi water cannon would chip away at the grout, they needed a way to deploy and control it.

Enter IGoRR, short for “Inuktun Grout Removal Robot”. IGoRR is a Versatrax 150™ specially modified for Fermilab with a 4 foot water cannon and two control actuators. Inuktun’s challenges in creating IGoRR included managing the calculated 100lbs of reverse thrust from the water jet as well as dragging a high pressure hose assembly, filled with water, to the work site 280 feet downrange.

“Our testing indicated that the vehicle could drag that hose and at a minimum hold position while blasting the grout, but we were pleased to see the digital videos from Fermilab showing IGoRR actually advancing with the water cannon engaged” said Inuktun’s Jeff Christopherson.

Fermilab project engineer Ryan Schultz says Inuktun was the only company with a camera robot that could meet his criteria. Schultz stated “IGoRR (Inuktun Grout Removal Robot), as we named him, worked like a champ in a very harsh environment. It was wet, sometimes IGoRR was working in 3-4" of standing water. Also, the water blasting produced water that was very hot... too hot to touch with your hand. And in a closed environment like that, it became saturated with steam very quickly. He worked in that pipe for 6 weeks and never had any water-related electrical problems, that's impressive.”

Schultz adds: “And he was resilient too. One time he somehow got flipped over in the pipe... we drug him out 280' upside down... and it still worked afterwards. Another time he accidentally got bumped off of a 3' table, and landed upside down on the floor with a big thud. That's about 80 lb dropping 3 feet, a lot of force. It cracked the camera arm, but didn't break and we used it that way for the remainder of the job. IGoRR took a LOT of abuse.”

In the end, IGoRR cleared the way for the installation of a smaller pipe to contain the particle beams. Schultz concludes: “All in all, IGoRR did the job. I can't underscore how difficult this project was and how harsh the environment was for IGoRR to work in. Ultimately Inuktun provided the solution to our problem.”

Visit the Fermilab Website

For more information on Fermilab, visit www.fnal.gov

"All in all, IGoRR did the job. I can't underscore how difficult this project was and how harsh the environment was for IGoRR to work in. Ultimately Inuktun provided the solution to our problem."
-- Ryan Schultz, Project Engineer / Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Tech Tips | Using the Power of an Inuktun DVR

The Inuktun Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a rugged, industrial quality video processing device. The DVR allows you to record video, images and audio, view live feeds and play back recorded feeds while in the field.

Inuktun Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Inuktun Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Inuktun Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

While it is specifically designed to work with Inuktun cameras, crawlers and controllers, it uses standard protocols and can be used with most standard video equipment. This means users of the Inuktun DVR can process files using open source software on a variety of software platforms.

With Inuktun's DVR, you can produce a record of real-time inspection in low, medium, or high resolution in NTSC or PAL format, stored on a convenient, miniature USB flash drive (included). The package includes the cables and processing software to get you started immediately. Its user friendly one touch keypad provides ready access to all basic functions.

Sound can be recorded from two sources, Line In or a microphone. An image snapshot of the video feed can be saved. Sound, video, and images are maintained as separate files, but can be integrated using open source software provided by Inuktun. Advanced features include NTFS file format options (for files larger than 4 Gb), and digital pan and zoom.

If you are wondering whether the Inuktun DVR meets your needs, it is important to note that it is a quality product using standard protocols that will integrate with your equipment. Download the manual and review the DVR’s capabilities in greater detail.

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