Right on Track - November 2010

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Product News | Mini Crystal Cam® Sonde

Mini Crystal Video CameraThe 512Hz Sonde has grown to become the industry standard in pipe locating transmitters. A small transmitter gives off a constant mid-frequency radio pulse, which allows the receiver unit to home in on its exact location. When sent down a pipe, users are able to precisely locate buried tanks and specific trouble spots in a pipe, avoiding costly digging operations.

When sent down a pipe, users are able to precisely locate buried tanks and specific trouble spots in a pipe, avoiding costly digging operations. When coupled to a Mini Crystal Cam®, the new Sonde module helps to ease the task of visually inspecting, mapping and marking a pipeline. The Sonde module installs inline of this 7/8 inch diameter video camera and can be quickly and easily removed when not required.

Customer Profile | Dundee Marine

For the last 23 years, Shaun Rafferty has made his living in the challenging waters of Ontario. Often found beneath the ice in turbid waters, Shaun’s Dundee Marine has built a strong reputation as an independent diving contractor in the provinces lakes and major water ways.

Diving Contractor Dundee MarineLocated 35 minutes north of Kingston, Dundee Marine has taken advantage of remote video inspection to help them troubleshoot problems in fresh water intake pipes and valves, ranging in size from six to thirty-six inches. We caught up with Shaun to ask him more about how Dundee Marine profits from Inuktun products.

How did you first become interested in diving?
I first became interested in diving while working in the Alberta oil field sector, I was looking for a new challenge and saw an ad in local newspaper for an information seminar.

Why did you choose to become a Commercial Diver?
It looked like a great way to stay outdoors and make money.

Why did you start your own Diving Contractor business?
After years of supervising diving operations and running marine projects it just fell into place.

What diving service(s) do you specialize in? What types of industries do you mainly serve?
We serve a wide variety of clients, but our main focus is the municipal water treatment plants.

Dundee Marine Clear Water Well Inspection
What kind of diving conditions do you work in?

From under the ice to extreme summer heat, turbid to clear water.

What features do you look for when choosing a waterproof camera?
Durability, Dependability

How demanding are these conditions on your equipment?
Very hard, we have taken our equipment to the bottom of a mine, used atvs to take it into the bush to inspect remote dams, loaded it in and out of various boats, left it in the dive van at - 30 degrees c.

Why are waterproof video cameras critical to your business?
We give away a DVD of the work performed to most of our clients. In addition, video is a great tool for training proper safety and operational procedures, especially with new divers.

How many Inuktun camera systems do you currently own?
Since 2004, I have ordered 7 Crystal Cameras, 5 controllers and a variety of tether lengths.

Dundee Marine Fresh Water Intake Inspection

Why do you continue to choose Inuktun cameras?
They last the longest and give an excellent picture.

What do your customers say about the video quality you provide?
They appreciate how clear the video footage is.

How does your video footage help your customer in their business?
It provides a record of existing conditions and assurance that the work was done to their specifications.

How can people get in touch with you and learn more about Dundee Marine?

Give us a call at 613-374-1553 or email dundeemarine@on.aibn.com or visit www.dundeemarine.ca

"I'm in and out of small boats everyday diving shallow water -- it's hard on cameras. I have used every camera out there ... no really, I mean every camera. None of them stand up the way yours do."
Shaun Rafferty / Dundee Marine (01-Sep-10)

Service Corner | Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Service Maintenance Factory TrainingInuktun's Service Department is driven by quality and prides itself on exceeding your expectations. Our repair expertise spans every requirement of your system including: upgrades, reconfiguration, diagnostics, trouble-shooting and preventative inspections. In fact, regular scheduled maintenance is critical to your systems performance and your ability to avoid costly down-time.

We recommend that you review and follow the maintenance schedule located in the back of your product manual. For those who are interested in performing their own scheduled maintenance, we also offer ‘in factory’ training packages. For more information, simply email our Service Manager Steve Pilcher.

Tech Tips | Tether Cable

No matter what camera or crawler you own, the tether should be considered the most important part of your Inuktun system. The tether is responsible for carrying the vital signals to and from your controller and camera / crawler. Poor picture quality and erratic steering is often due to a damaged tether that has been mistreated, mishandled or poorly connected. Follow these simple tips to preserve the quality of your tether and your effectiveness in the field.

Clean your tether with a damp rag and water. Step on, drive over, kink or fully unspool tether.
Avoid bending loops smaller than a 7” diameter. Bend tether beyond minimum bend diameter.
Be careful when mating female and male connections so as not to damage any pins. Snap load or over-load tether with unnecessary weight.
If you don’t have a reel, ensure that you coil your tether with the natural bend in the wire. ALWAYS use strain relief on vehicle end of tether.