Right on Track - December 2010

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New Deepwater Spectrum 90™ and Spectrum 120™

Inuktun’s enormously popular Spectrum™ series cameras have been gaining momentum as the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera of choice in the offshore / sub-sea markets. Customer feedback from this sector requested a Spectrum™ that could go deeper than 100 feet. Engineering tackled this need by modifying the Spectrum™ design.

The new camera model provides many noticeable upgrades including improved structural integrity and motor bearings. The Inuktun Production team built the new Spectrum™ and our QC group followed with a battery of 'in depth' pressure tests. The end result ...

We are proud to introduce the new Deepwater Spectrum 90™ and Spectrum 120™. Both are now depth rated to 1,000 feet!

Customer Profile | MC Wright and Associates Ltd.

In 1987, Mike Wright and his wife started a small biological and environmental consulting company on Vancouver Island, BC. Today MC Wright and Associates and their staff of 10 provide marine and freshwater impact assessments, environmental restoration, water monitoring and underwater surveys to a variety of clients. They also offer custom software development.

We caught up with Mike in between dives to discuss the work he has been carrying out with his ROV and Inuktun Cameras.

How did you become interested in environmental and biological consulting?
After working for DFO and another consulting firm I found I preferred the diversity of opportunities offered in the public sector.

What made you start your business? Why Nanaimo?
I felt that there were more opportunities to further my career in both marine and freshwater biology if I was working for myself and I also wanted to have control of the areas I worked in, which is not always possible when working for someone else. I like living in Nanaimo and it's centrally located on Vancouver Island, which makes it a perfect base to service most of the areas I work in.

What kind of diving / outdoor conditions do you work in?
Our dive team and field crews are able to work in most weather conditions providing that safety factors are looked after first. This means that they often work in rain, snow or windy conditions. Field teams operate year round and in BC that means dealing with a variety of inclement weather conditions. Location wise we often work in remote areas. This means that the nearest port / town can be up to eight hours away by boat or vehicle and may even require a charter flight to reach.

How demanding are these conditions on your equipment?
These conditions can be extremely demanding. Flooding of equipment happens and is costly to repair.

Working in industrial sites can also stress equipment.There are numerous times the ROV has operated in situations where the umbilical has hung-up on logs at depths of 150ft and more. Unwinding the ROV takes a skilled Pilot with a lot of patience.

Having good, well maintained equipment is extremely important when working in the underwater environment.

Why are waterproof video cameras critical to your business?
Waterproof cameras are critical to our business because of the conditions that we work in both above and below the water line. We could not function without waterproof video cameras as they are the only way we provide our clients with the data they require.

Why did you choose the Inuktun Crystal Cam?
We chose Inuktun cameras for several reasons:

  • First, they have a good reputation in the industry and understand the challenges that we face on Canada's West Coast.
  • They are well known as being innovative and being able to provide cost effective solutions when working in harsh environments.
  • They are a local company and it is important to M.C. Wright and Associates Ltd. to support other local small businesses.
  • Finally, because they are local we knew that they would be easily accessible to troubleshoot any problems that we encountered or to make any modifications to our system that we requested.

What do your customers say about the quality of video footage you provide?
Our clients appreciate the quality of our video footage and always remark on the clarity of images we provide.

How does your video footage help your customers in their business?
Video footage allows our clients to see for themselves the problems and the success of their projects. For example, underwater footage of the impact of log dumps allows both the client and the governmental agencies to review the extent of the impact and what should be done to mitigate it.

MC Wright and Associates | Biological ConsultantsWith habitat restoration projects it provides a realtime record of the continued natural re-development of the habitat months and even years after project completion. Finally, for most clients, it provides them with a permanent record or their project.

How can people get in touch with you and learn more about MC Wright and Associates?
People can call our office at 250-753-1055 / 250-591-1056 or visit us at www.mcwrightonline.com

"Our clients appreciate the quality of our video footage and always remark on the clarity of images we provide." -- Mike Wright / MC Wright and Associates

Tech Tips | Performance and Reliability

Inuktun camera and crawler systems get used by our customers in some of the harshest operational environments Mother Nature can throw at us. Although our equipment is designed to take a beating, a vast array of moving parts inevitably will require the system owner to perform some sort of maintenance.

Due to the operational requirements of their job, many of our customers express that they cannot afford to part with their crawler / camera equipment for extended periods of time. However, one must consider the indirect cost of ignoring scheduled maintenance. It can be catastrophic if a component breaks down due to preventable wear on a job site.

For that reason we recommend that Inuktun system owners follow a preventative maintenance routine. In the long run, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance will save you money, verses the 'snowball effect' that happens when numerous components fail that were compounded by neglect and excessive wear.

Inuktuns Service Department provides a variety of preventative maintenance packages that keep your camera or crawler system up and running. Pro-actively servicing your gear at routine intervals will help mitigate its need for repair, thus allowing you to achieve the highest level of performance and reliability.

Email our Service Manager, Steve Pilcher, service@inuktun.com for more information on how a preventative maintenance package can save you time and money.