Tecni-A-Bordo Relies on Inuktun

When Tecni-A-Bordo has a dangerous job to do, they need reliable equipment.

The pipe inspection company, based in Venezuela, was recently awarded a preventative maintenance contract at the biggest oil refinery in the world. They are the only company in the country with the right certification to do the job.

The Centro de Refinacion de Paraguana has a production capacity of 956,000 barrels of oil per day and is the size of a small city.

"We're doing an inspection in the most dangerous place in the refinery," said Edwin Pina, president of Tecni-A-Bordo, through a translator. "Inside the pipe is a very dangerous place."

The oil refinery pipes are too small and dangerous to be manually inspected, so Tecni-A-Bordo uses their VersaTrax 150 and their Crystal Cam Push Camera to ensure the pipe is safe.

They then use a special sleeve called a polyester isoftalico y vinilester to clean the pipe and inspect it again.

"I looked at a lot of equipment, but the Inuktun equipment best suited my needs," said Pina.

Pina and Tecni-A-Bordo vice-president Enza Passanisi travelled halfway across the world to learn more about Inuktun Services Ltd.

"We like to do the job with the right system," said Pina.

Canadian-based Inuktun Services Ltd. is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of modular, mobile robotic systems and system components for use in hazardous areas, confined spaces and underwater applications throughout the world. For more information on the Versatrax 150, the Crystal Cam Push Camera and Inuktun's complete line of precision technology, call 1-800-468-5886 or visit www.inuktun.com.